The weather is starting to chill, which means it’s almost time to switch on your heat, huddle under some blankets, make a nice cup of hot cocoa, and….lookout for wildlife pests? That’s right, while we’re really embracing our inner hygge, North Carolinians also need to be mindful of wildlife that wants to trounce your cold-weather comfort. But what are some of the absolute worst wildlife pests to keep an eye and an ear out for? We have some ideas. 


Snakes aren’t typically aggressive creatures, but in North Carolina, they can be dangerous all the same. In the Tar Heel State, we deal with a number of venomous snakes, from the infamous eastern diamondback rattlesnake to the less dangerous but still venomous copperhead snake. A single misstep can mean a defensive strike from one of these creatures, and while bites are very rarely fatal, they are quite painful and require medical attention. In preparation for colder weather, snakes will often look to take shelter in sheds, basements, and crawl spaces, so beware of snakes when spending time in these areas.


Rodents aren’t really a big deal, right? It can be tempting to shrug off an infestation of rats, mice, or squirrels as nothing to worry about, but the truth is rodents actually pose a surprising amount of danger. These bothersome critters do some pretty standard pest damage, getting into food and causing some minor structural damage when scratching and gnawing, but they also have the potential to do much, much more. First off, they’re disease spreaders, carrying things like salmonella, hantavirus, and hemorrhagic fever. These diseases can be spread by simply inhaling dust contaminated with rodent urine or droppings! On top of that, not all the structural damage they do is minor: rodents can gnaw on wiring, which can lead to electrical fires. In other words, a rodent infestation is nothing to put off; these critters are quietly pretty dangerous. 

  • Raccoons


These naturally masked critters might look like robbers, but they actually like to break into homes and stay for about as long as they can, because your home is a nice warm escape from the cold and provides easy access to food; basically, it’s the perfect raccoon HQ. Even so, what’s so dangerous about them? First off, they are well-known carriers of rabies and other diseases, which can make them aggressive toward both you and any pets you might have. A bite or scratch from a raccoon is the reason for immediate medical attention. Plus, like most other critters they can cause all sorts of pricy damage to your home. 


Now that we know about some of the dangerous wildlife that threatens North Carolina homes, the natural next step is figuring out what to actually do about it. That’s where City Wide Exterminating comes in. Our wildlife removal services get rodents, raccoons, snakes, and more out of your home, and puts them back where they belong! With generations of experience in the pest control field, you can rest assured that we know exactly how to take care of all of your wildlife problems safely and efficiently. 

Looking to keep wildlife out of your home in the first place? Learn about some of our wildlife prevention plans here.

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