Eeek! I Have Bats in my Home

Bats in Attic

Eeek! I Have Bats in my Home

Bats in an Attic

Bats are fascinating creatures that are essential for maintaining a healthy ecosystem, but they can also pose a threat to human health and property if they invade your home. Some of the most common dangers bats in a structure pose are disease transmission, property damage, allergic reactions, noise, and other legal implications. Let’s take a look at each of these things to better understand why it’s important to remove and keep them out of your home.

Disease Transmission: Bats can carry and spread diseases such as rabies, histoplasmosis, and lyssavirus, which can be harmful to humans and pets. Rabies is a viral disease that can be transmitted through bites or scratches from infected bats, and it can be fatal if not treated immediately. Histoplasmosis is a fungal infection that can cause respiratory symptoms, and it can be contracted by inhaling spores of guano (bat droppings).

Property Damage: Bats can cause damage to your home by soiling the various building materials like insulation, framing and drywall. Their urine is corrosive and can cause damage to components as well. The large quantities of bat guano (droppings) left behind, plus the urine can create unpleasant odors and promote the growth of harmful bacteria.

Allergic Reactions: Some people may have an allergic reaction to bat dander, urine, or guano, which can cause symptoms like itching, rashes, and sneezing.

Noise Pollution: Bats can be very noisy, especially when they are flying around inside your home or during their maternal season when their young are born. Oftentimes, homeowners are unaware of a bat problem until they hear their loud screeching.

Legal implications: In many countries, bats are a protected species, and it's illegal to harm or kill them. If you have bats in your home, they must be removed humanely and should be done only by a licensed wildlife specialist.

The best defense against bats entering your home is to take steps to prevent them. Seal cracks and crevices and holes in the exterior of your home - including those hard to see and tough to reach places, install chimney caps, and ensure all windows and doors are properly screened. If you suspect a bat problem in your home, give us a call today at 704.850.6091 to schedule your evaluation!

Bats in Home

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