We’re about to enter peak mosquito season in North Carolina, and mosquitoes can do a whole lot more than just ruin a nice summer night; they’re also notorious spreaders of diseases like Zika and West Nile Virus. Luckily a mosquito infestation on your property is not a foregone conclusion. There are a number of things that are especially attractive to mosquitoes, and being able to identify those points of attraction will put you in a position to better protect yourself, your home and your property from the blood-sucking insects. Here are 5 things that can attract mosquitoes to you or your home. 

  1. Blood, Sweat, and Beers

    Seriously. Mosquitoes are especially attracted to particular blood types, especially Type O. But it’s not just blood type that will draw in mosquitoes. If you’re sweating, or have had a couple of adult beverages you can also become a beacon for mosquitoes. The solution? Apply a healthy amount of mosquito repellent, try to wear long sleeves and pants and consider burning citronella oil when outdoors.

  2. Clothing Color

    Mosquitoes are actually attracted to darker colors so if you want to reduce the chances of becoming a mosquito magnet, try wearing lighter clothes when you’re outdoors!

  3. Lotions, Perfumes, and Colognes

    Certain scents can make you especially attractive to mosquitoes. What kinds of scents? Usually, it’s any smell that is floral. Mosquitoes, after all, aren’t only attracted to blood; they also feed on the sweet nectar’s of plants. If you like to wear scents that have flowery odors, you might want to consider laying off of them if you’re planning on spending a day outdoors.

  4. Standing Water

    Like most insects, mosquitoes are attracted to any amount of standing water, because standing water is where mosquitoes breed and lay eggs. This is why people often experience a much larger mosquito presence after rainstorms: rain creates pools of standing water, which in turn attracts a horde of mosquitoes. These mosquitoes then breed at the new pools of water, creating a breeding cycle that can cause long-term mosquito problems. Any standing water can become a mosquito hangout spot- not just large pools- so if you have plant pots, gutters, sandboxes or even dog bowls outside, clear them out after rainfall!

  5. Tall Grass and Vegetation

    While mosquitoes come out in the heat, like most other insects and wildlife they do look for places to catch some shade. Tall grass and other vegetation can provide just that, and finding a property with lots of shady options will have mosquitoes coming in flocks. To avoid making your lawn a mosquito haven, keep vegetation trimmed and grass mowed!Taking the proper measures to keep mosquitoes away from both you and your home will definitely help reduce the chances of a mosquito infestation, but it’s still not a guarantee. Even if you do your best, there’s always a chance that you’ll forget something. If you do find yourself in a mosquito infestation situation, you’ll want to find professionals who can get rid of the problem. City Wide Exterminating are those professionals. We offer a comprehensive mosquito prevention and elimination plan, with treatments every 30 days to ensure that any mosquito presence stays gone. 

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