Have you ever stumbled on a Yellow Jacket nest and realized it a little too late?  Yellow Jackets are aggressive and protect their nests at all costs. They typically nest in the ground, wall voids, or other cracks and crevices, and they build a paper nest composed of wood fiber and saliva.  Yellow Jackets love the same foods we eat, and most often the sweeter, the better.

What Does a Yellow Jacket Look Like?

Yellow Jackets have a thinner abdomen than most other Bees. The typical Yellow Jacket size varies from 5/8″ up to 1″ in length. Most Yellow Jackets found in the Charlotte area are black and yellow in color, but some other species can be black and white.

How Do I Get Rid of Yellow Jackets?

Getting rid of a Yellow Jacket nest can be tricky and at times, slightly dangerous if you’re looking to DIY.  At City Wide Exterminating, we use a two-step process to ensure that we send these unwelcome guests packing. First, we use a product to flush them out of the nest. Then, we apply a residual that will prevent any foragers not home at the time of treatment from returning and rebuilding. You may notice some foragers flying around the area their nest once was for up to a few days post-treatment, but that is a normal part of the process.

You can find out more information and see City Wide Exterminating in action treating a very busy Yellow Jacket nest at a home in Charlotte in the video below.  If you have concerns about a Yellow Jacket, wasp, or hornet’s nest call us at (704) 850-6091 or email